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Father Hunger

I love books that impact me almost immediately. Books that keep me hooked, wanting to know more of what that author has written about a given subject. Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families is definitely one of those books. Only three chapters in I had learned two things quickly: 1) Doug Wilson can just plain write, and 2) Wilson isn’t afraid of tackling tough issues directly, but is able to do so sensitively.
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Secret Church on Sexuality and Gender Roles

Dating. Marriage. Divorce. Pornography. Polygamy. Manhood. Womanhood. Adoption. Abortion. These are some of the toughest topics that today’s generation is wrestling to define. Those who contend for a more conservative view are seen as closed-minded, intolerant, and oppressive. Those who contend for a liberal view are seen as scandalous, immoral, and militant about their rights. There is something much bigger at stake in all of this though. It isn’t about personal freedoms or academic definitions or philosophical distinctions. It’s about the gospel.
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