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Seeing the Grace in Our Singleness

I’ve had one of those days recently. A day when being single just weighs on you. When all your single friends are busy and your married friends are, well, married. You spend most of the day trying to be productive. Reading. Writing. Praying. Then you eventually start just medicating. Turn on the TV. Put down the book and people watch at Starbucks, or what ever small coffee shop the hipsters prefer. But the more you medicate, the more something deep inside stirs, longing for more. Longing for depth – for wholeness. And all of these feelings come down to one thing.


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Single Men in the Church, or the Lack Thereof

Yesterday, I read a post at Single Roots, written by Jenny LaBahn. She gave a female perspective to the lack of solid Godly men in our churches. She communicates truth well, and points women to find their identity in Christ instead of in their role(s) as a wife and/or mother. While her post seemed directed toward women, it did get me thinking about this a bit more, and while I don’t have anything nailed down, I’d like to share some observations I feel may contribute to this pandemic tragedy.
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Caring for Our Sisters’ Identity

Several years ago, I was introduced to this foreign concept called “philosophy.” After my Intro to Philosophy professor finally resolved all of my “How philosophy doesn’t necessarily contradict Theology” questions and issues, I began to see its value, and did my best to immerse myself in this type of Christian thinking. As part of this process, I began attending symposiums that the philosophy professor of the college I attended put together. During one of these, a recent graduate read her philosophy thesis from the previous year. That thesis radically altered my view of women for the better. The punch line for me was when she pointed out a cultural stereotype of how we tend to define and articulate that which is important to achieving masculinity and femininity.

…boys are providers, girls are pretty…

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Sloganized Christianity

I’ve been reading Altared by Claire and Eli as part of the Single Roots first community book read. I haven’t finished the book yet, but something I read yesterday struck a chord with me, and I felt it necessary to expound on it here further.
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Singleness, Friendships, and the Glory of God

Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much have no room to give relationship advice. I’m ok with that. But after being single for 27 out of 29 years (Sometimes it felt like I was going for a record), I think I can talk about singleness, and by God’s grace, hopefully do so well.
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