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Swoon: Style vs Substance

Several weeks ago, I was goofing off on Twitter instead of reading because my brain was completely fried, when Tracy Pendergast mentioned the Swoon Dating App. I asked her about it and she explained what it was and said I should give it a try. I thought “I’m bored now, and it might make for a good blog post later. Why not?”
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Online Dating, Intentionality, and Spiritual Maturity

The past six months or so have been a much needed lesson about intentionality and growth, of any kind. Last summer I set out on a fool’s errand of running a half marathon when I hadn’t run more than a mile in years. I was basically scared into it by being really overweight and having high blood pressure, and having a goal in front of me gave me something else to focus on other than losing weight and worrying about blood pressure, which would probably have only served to make my blood pressure higher. So, last July I set a goal of pushing through 13.1 miles as best I could. While I wasn’t able to run the whole way on either race, I finished two half marathons last November and December. Now, that isn’t the important part, and I don’t feel like I’ve earned bragging rights. The important part is that even though I didn’t run the whole way through, I’m a much stronger runner (Ok, I’m a runner) because I focused on running. I was intentional.
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Secret Church on Sexuality and Gender Roles

Dating. Marriage. Divorce. Pornography. Polygamy. Manhood. Womanhood. Adoption. Abortion. These are some of the toughest topics that today’s generation is wrestling to define. Those who contend for a more conservative view are seen as closed-minded, intolerant, and oppressive. Those who contend for a liberal view are seen as scandalous, immoral, and militant about their rights. There is something much bigger at stake in all of this though. It isn’t about personal freedoms or academic definitions or philosophical distinctions. It’s about the gospel.
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