The Waiting

Four hundred years. Four hundred years of silence. Four hundred years waiting to hear from God. Waiting for a sign. Waiting for a prophet. Waiting for something.


And waiting.

And waiting.

Generation after generation. Waiting for words from God. For direction. For manifest presence. For the God who parted the sea for Moses and sent down fire from Heaven for Elijah. For the living God who performed the miracles of old to speak yet again. Living in the silence must have been agonizing. Longing for God to appear. Day after day. Year after year. Decade after decade. Hope set fully on the coming Messiah. Groaning along with creation. Longing for redemption. Expecting a Savior. Expecting a King!

There are many now who are still waiting. Souls still longing for redemption. People still desperately seeking someone to right the wrongs of this fallen, broken world. Lost boys and girls still waiting to be found. Broken hearts looking for hope. Damaged spirits awaiting restoration.

It was for all of these and more that the King did come. To fulfill all the hopes and expectations of His people and to redeem and restore not just people but the whole of creation itself. After paying the price for redemption with his own blood and defeating death once and for all…he sent his disciples in the world to spread the good news. He sent them to declare the joy of Christ to the world, to God’s enemies, because while we were still sinners Christ died for us.

He sent them to find the lost, the lonely, the broken, and those who thought they had it all together. He sent them to declare in power the cross of Christ and the power of his resurrection. He sent them into all the world.

He is sending us.

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