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The High Priest of Broken Places

Last week I wrote about how a friend that I really care about hurt me deeply. So much so that I actually wrote poetry. I know I’m really jacked up when I start doing that, lol. Seriously though. Then I wrote about God’s faithfulness during this rough season. The rest of this past week I’ve spent wrestling on how I am supposed to live out being tenderhearted, humble, and bless my friend (1 Peter 3:8-9).
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God’s Faithfulness in Broken Places

I wrote yesterday’s post, Words from Broken Places, on Monday morning before I started work. I had this weighing on my mind and heart and had to get it out so I could focus. I wasn’t even planning on posting it as a blog, but I felt pressed to do so. It’s the result of going out of my way to make a friend feel special, and basically getting lied to and stabbed in the back. Begging God to not let this happen the entire time. To not let me lose this friend this way. While that wasn’t the path He chose, He has been more than faithful to point my eyes toward Him in this. This may be a bit disjointed, but I want to show you how, and let the Spirit speak as he did to me.
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Words from Broken Places

Shattered heart, broken dreams
Coming apart at the seams.
I feel the weight, those heavy beams
Does God not hear my screams?

I thought us friends
How could it come to such an end?
This love, why must He rend?
Why must tears and blood-soaked anguish blend?

The pain of it all
The curse of the Fall.

For the weak and unworthy Christ did come
To know my pain, and bear my shame
That I may call upon His name
In this shared death, we are one.

In His death, I am loved