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Father Hunger

I love books that impact me almost immediately. Books that keep me hooked, wanting to know more of what that author has written about a given subject. Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families is definitely one of those books. Only three chapters in I had learned two things quickly: 1) Doug Wilson can just plain write, and 2) Wilson isn’t afraid of tackling tough issues directly, but is able to do so sensitively.
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Reviewing The Voice NT

Once again, I’ve received another book to review from BookSneeze. This one was a little more interesting to me, and hopefully to you, because it’s a new translation of the Bible called The Voice.
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The Grace of God

In The Grace of God, Andy Stanley does an amazing job covering the various aspects of God’s grace in Scripture, and how it applies to our lives. Stanley shows us how the fact that we were even created is a sign of God’s grace. He discusses God’s grace after The Fall, throughout Israel’s formation and history, and how Jesus is the ultimate expression of The Grace of God.
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