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When We Were On Fire

How do you review a memoir? That’s what I’ve been asking myself for about a week now. Because it’s not just a story, it’s a person’s story. It’s not a parable, it’s someone’s life experience. I mean, you can’t very well say “I agree with this” or “I disagree with that” when it’s real life. You can say you don’t understand their story, but you can’t deny it. The reality is, though, that I do understand. All too well.
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Putting The Book Down

I started this blog in 2010 just as a place to put down thoughts from what I was studying in Scripture, reading in books, and about what I’ve noticed in culture in general. Part of the reason for doing this is because I just didn’t have a teaching outlet for what I was learning, because apparently people get tired of it when the book of Romans dominates your conversations, even Christian people.
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