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Racial Supremacy, Brokenness, and a Better Leader

In the wake of the alt-right, white supremacist, outright insanity that took place in Charlottesville, VA over this past weekend I have gone through a litany of emotions and responses. I have been angry – no, outraged at the sheer audacity of these fools carrying a flag that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers sacrificed life and limb to wage war against. I’ve been stupefied at our President’s absolutely useless response, and even more so at Robert Jeffress’s almost complete silence concerning this overt display of hatred and all that is anti-gospel. I have been saddened that our country’s form of government allows as freedom of speech/expression a flag that has been outlawed in Germany. Now? Now I’m just broken.
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Chosen, Redeemed, and Forgiven with Wisdom

Meditations on Ephesians 1

Maybe you’re a regular here, and you landed on this page from your RSS feed, Twitter, or email. Maybe this is the first time you’ve set foot in this place. Maybe you did some random Google search and landed here. However you got here, I’m glad you landed on this page. So, grab a cup of coffee or a cold beer and sit with me for a while, because I have something to show you.
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Putting The Book Down

I started this blog in 2010 just as a place to put down thoughts from what I was studying in Scripture, reading in books, and about what I’ve noticed in culture in general. Part of the reason for doing this is because I just didn’t have a teaching outlet for what I was learning, because apparently people get tired of it when the book of Romans dominates your conversations, even Christian people.
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When I Can Only Light a Candle

Growing up in church we get a vision of a Christianity that’s sanitized. We see Noah and the animals floating on the water in the Ark and landing on a mountain. We see Moses walking between fake walls of water. We see Jesus saying “let the children come.” And He looks very much like me, this felt-board Jesus. We are given a vision of Christianity that’s clean, but isn’t complete. Maybe not even real, to some extent.
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Persecution Leads to Revival in China

Today, I read a blog post over at The Gospel Coalition on whether persecution is getting better or worse in China. It’s an informative read for those who want to keep up with global missions and who pray for the persecuted church. Something else drew my attention though.

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