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When We Were On Fire

How do you review a memoir? That’s what I’ve been asking myself for about a week now. Because it’s not just a story, it’s a person’s story. It’s not a parable, it’s someone’s life experience. I mean, you can’t very well say “I agree with this” or “I disagree with that” when it’s real life. You can say you don’t understand their story, but you can’t deny it. The reality is, though, that I do understand. All too well.
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Millennials, Church, & a Whole Lot of Grace – part 1

This is the first of two posts on this topic. This is more a message toward those involved in a local church, the next post will be more a message toward those who aren’t.

Anyone who’s paid attention to even the remote corners of the Internet knows that Rachel Held Evans wrote a piece on Why Millennials Are Leaving The Church. I’ve written some of what I think about the article itself, mainly where I agree with her and tried to offer solutions, for whatever they are worth. Rachel is on the progressive and, dare I say, liberal side of Theology, but I’m grateful for that article. She also wrote a clarification article on Why Millennials Need the Church. I am grateful for this article as well, though this post primarily addresses issues raised by the first article and surrounding conversation.

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Thoughts on Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church, part 1

I’ve had several people ask me my thoughts on Rachel Held Evans’s (henceforth known as RHE) article for CNN on Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church. There’s obviously no way I could facilitate this over Twitter, and Facebook comment threads seem to spiral into an abyss of uselessness pretty quickly, so I decided to put some of my thoughts here. I’m going to have to split this up into at least two posts or it will be so long that no one wants to read it.
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