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Still Waters

I wasn’t ever a huge fan of the Psalms growing up. It’s not like I hated them or thought them worthless or anything like that, because they’re just as inspired as the rest of Scripture, but I just didn’t understand them. Partly because it’s poetry and poetry just isn’t as straightforward as other forms of literature. But mostly because it seemed like every popular verse from Psalms seemed like it was pulled from la la land and put on some coffee cup to make people feel better.
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Boston Bombings | Justice, Grace, and Peace

It’s 3pm Central Time and due to an abnormally busy work day, I’m just now finding out about the bombings in Boston at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Some sources say it’s another terrorist attack, but I haven’t been able to find enough confirmation from reliable sources. As my heart breaks for this country, enduring yet another tragedy in a string of senseless killings, I feel the weight of the gospel pressing in my heart as I consider how easily some of my running friends could have been injured or killed in this race.
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life:unmasked – Of Contrition and Desperation

Life: UnmaskedSeveral months ago I started doing something new, in an effort to become more authentic on the blog, and joined Joy, a writer I’ve come to know, in sharing about life: unmasked. I’m grateful for Joy’s allowing me to participate in this blog meme, and look forward to sharing some of my struggles, questions, and failures.
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