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In Which We Must Work Together (Or The Email I Sent To Courtney Reissig)

A couple of days ago Courtney Reissig reviewed Jesus Feminist over at The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood blog. This is a conservative, Complementarian blog. So, much of what was said didn’t really surprise me. There were a few things that I felt should be addressed, and as the comment section is closed on their blog I resorted to emailed Courtney the moment after I read her review.
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Jesus Feminist, Repentance, and the Need for Grace

This post is hard. It’s hard because I have literally just had my soul wrecked by my own sinfulness and arrogance. It’s because of those two things that I have to write this, because I know I’m not alone and there are many people who need to hear this story. Not for the sake of reading about the Spirit convicting me, but for the sake of doing a much better job of pursuing unity in the Church and making much of Christ.
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In which I review Jesus Feminist (and steal the “in which” tagline)

Jesus. Feminist. I’ll admit, part of my curiosity with this book was putting those two words together. Not just in the same sentence, but right next to each other. Sarah Bessey is one of the bloggers I heard about through the Deeper Story crowd, and at this point it’s been so long I can’t remember if it was directly or indirectly, but over the past couple years I’ve tried to track with her blog as best I can. Through this, I learned enough to know that I like her writing, and that her imagery is often pure gold. I knew that she and I didn’t really agree on all aspects of the mammoth topic that is “gender roles” but when I saw the title of her book, I literally asked “What the Hell?” (sorry, grandma). Out loud. At work. Still, I had a feeling this book was going to be a game changer for us. I wasn’t disappointed.
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