What a Woman is Worth: An Important Project

Tamara, one of the writers I’ve come across through A Deeper Story, and one who I’ve come to respect for her raw authenticity is taking on a new project. A project birthed in pain, feelings of worthlessness, and being used.

What a Woman is Worth

This very important project is a book, What a Woman is Worth. This will be a community project for which Tamara will write section introductions and serve as the editor.

The problem:

Though God assures His people that He values them to the point of His own ultimate sacrifice, the messages women and girls receive from the world far too often say otherwise, and, far too often, they say it louder.

The goal:

What a Woman is Worth will be a collection of essays that explore people’s experiences, perspectives, and thoughts on the worth of women and girls in an effort to bring about greater awareness of the cultural endemic that leaves them wounded, to offer catharsis, comfort, and community, and to give affirmation of the inestimable worth of all people.

The need:

We are looking for real, honest stories of women who have struggled to believe in their own worth and stories that affirm the God-made worth of women and girls.

Interested yet? Read Tamara’s introduction blog to find out how you can help with this project.

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