Sharing The Wealth 11-27-2011

These blogs have been very impactful for me this week. It is my joy to share them with you, and I pray that God moves in you as He did in me when I first read them.

  • I do not know whether this story is fact or fiction, but either way Elora’s story illustrates the sad truth of how Christians tend to treat “Allah worshipers,” and the confusing messages we send when compared to Christ’s love.
  • In a vulnerable blog of remembrance, Joy reminds us that love is and does sacrifice. It sacrifices for the better reward, the greater pleasure, the deeper joy. But we must remember to find joy in the sacrifice as well.
  • John Starke talks with us about how the Bible addresses slavery at The Gospel Coalition, and common misconceptions. It’s more fact than story, but it’s well worth the read.
  • Once again, Stephanie makes the list as she gracefully reminds us that we so often view serving only as serving the church, and neglect the concept of serving God Himself in ways we can’t serve the church.
  • Finally, Crossway tells us about the Five Love Languages of Leviticus as discussed in Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert’s recent book, What is the Mission of the Church?

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