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Cultivating Selflessness

Life as a single is, well, busy. It seems to be a never-ending flow of work, study, friends, trying to stay active in some form or fashion, church, God’s good gift of sleep, and the occasional blessing of a nap.

In all honesty, I love this part of it. Being able to up and go whenever I want or need is amazing.

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Tired of Being Single

Being single is hard. I know, marriage is hard, too. But being single is just obnoxious. It may be a stretch to say that we are created for marriage, but somehow being single still feels like I’m missing something. I don’t just mean sex, though I do include that. It’s all the other stuff. Having someone to do life with on a daily basis, someone who is closer than a roommate can be. Having someone to provide for and take care of. And having someone make fun of me for ending sentences in prepositions because I just don’t want to think it through more thoroughly…and because I’m from Texas. Having a reason to make work feel like I’m doing more than just paying bills to continue a cycle of working to pay bills.

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Single Men in the Church, or the Lack Thereof

Yesterday, I read a post at Single Roots, written by Jenny LaBahn. She gave a female perspective to the lack of solid Godly men in our churches. She communicates truth well, and points women to find their identity in Christ instead of in their role(s) as a wife and/or mother. While her post seemed directed toward women, it did get me thinking about this a bit more, and while I don’t have anything nailed down, I’d like to share some observations I feel may contribute to this pandemic tragedy.
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Sloganized Christianity

I’ve been reading Altared by Claire and Eli as part of the Single Roots first community book read. I haven’t finished the book yet, but something I read yesterday struck a chord with me, and I felt it necessary to expound on it here further.
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Singleness, Friendships, and the Glory of God

Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much have no room to give relationship advice. I’m ok with that. But after being single for 27 out of 29 years (Sometimes it felt like I was going for a record), I think I can talk about singleness, and by God’s grace, hopefully do so well.
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