Tired of Being Single

Being single is hard. I know, marriage is hard, too. But being single is just obnoxious. It may be a stretch to say that we are created for marriage, but somehow being single still feels like I’m missing something. I don’t just mean sex, though I do include that. It’s all the other stuff. Having someone to do life with on a daily basis, someone who is closer than a roommate can be. Having someone to provide for and take care of. And having someone make fun of me for ending sentences in prepositions because I just don’t want to think it through more thoroughly…and because I’m from Texas. Having a reason to make work feel like I’m doing more than just paying bills to continue a cycle of working to pay bills.

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2 responses to “Tired of Being Single

  1. It was divinely orchestrated for me to find your corner of the web and read this today. Thank you for being transparent and obedient, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you to write this.

    As single Christians we all know the feelings and frustrations but we’re not so willing to lay it all out and talk about what’s really going on with us. Bottom line, I’m single and yes I get frustrated when I get antsy and remove my focus from my heavenly Father. I don’t know why He has chosen this path for me to walk, I would get a headache if I even attempted to figure it out- but I KNOW that my latter is greater and I am on my way to an expected end. So for now, yes, I may slip up and complain about how I don’t have anyone to stick closer than others and no one to come home to but honestly, these are lies from the adversary. Jesus sticks closer than a brother, He’s closer than my husband will ever be, and He’s there EVERY day, ALL day and His presence brings me fullness, life, and more joy than I could ever imagine!

    You’ve encouraged me 🙂 Thanks again!

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