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336 Million Unheard Voices

I grew up in church. I grew up seeing Felt-board Jesus every Sunday, and His friends; Moses, Noah, Peter, and John. I grew up believing in Jesus, but never really understanding the full weight of the gospel. Maybe I heard it and missed it. Maybe it was just part of growing in the Lord and closer to Him, something that happens over time. As part of all of this, my understanding of missions was reduced to once a year having different missionaries whom our church sponsored talk about what they do and where they do it. Missions was people being crazy enough to go live somewhere else and be uncomfortable while telling people about Jesus instead of doing it right here. I got the importance of it, and that it was a command, but I never got the weight of it. Not until today.
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Persecution Leads to Revival in China

Today, I read a blog post over at The Gospel Coalition on whether persecution is getting better or worse in China. It’s an informative read for those who want to keep up with global missions and who pray for the persecuted church. Something else drew my attention though.

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Why Aren’t We?

Over the past few weeks I have seen numerous postings via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Persecution.com about people all over the world being persecuted in the name of Christ, for the sake of the gospel, to advance the kingdom of God. The most popular event was when several pastors started a Twitter campaign to plead with President Obama to speak boldly and wisely concerning Said Musa and his impending martyrdom for being a Christian in Afghanistan. Who, by the grace of God, was set free and not murdered. Continue reading