Sharing The Wealth 11-19-2011

Well, I’ve already written a couple posts that I’m excited to share with you this week, but today I want to share with you some of the blogs I’ve read that have made me think or had another impact of sorts.

  • Preston’s eBook for Advent is fantastic. I’ve read the first week as I prepare to write a review I’ll share later, and I’m already blown away by the soul-stirring truths he communicates through carefully chosen words and prose.
  • Alece’s post at A Deeper Story is an authentic and honest recounting of what it is like to suffer well. It is worth reading for anyone with chronic pain, or those who experience the every day pains of life.
  • Tamara tells us about how grateful she was to see her church make progress in allowing women to serve in a more active role. Sadly, many more churches need to take more steps like this church has recently taken.
  • Justin Taylor shares with us some wise words from Michael Horton on how Calvinism does NOT make God a “moral monster”. He also shares with us how God defines evil. Both of these posts are well worth your time to read and meditate over.
  • Finally, Rachel Duke, one of my good friends from The Village who I’ve barely met (it’s a blogger thing, just go with it), shares with us some stunning insights on What is the Christian life?

Happy reading everyone (seriously, you want to read this stuff)!

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