Death By Love

Have you ever felt that you are too far away from God? Have you ever felt like you have done so much wrong that there isn’t a way you can make up for it? Have you ever felt worthless because of something that has been done to you? Have you ever felt like there aren’t any good examples for you to follow? Have you ever felt like God is mad at you for something you have done, or for something you failed to do? Have you ever felt completely hopeless?

You’re not alone. We have all felt like this. It’s part of the curse of sin. Pastor Mark Driscoll’s Death By Love: Letters From The Cross addresses these deeply personal, deeply complicated feelings and questions in a very personal, very pastoral way. This book is a collection of actual letters he has sent to members of his church and others whom he has encountered. These are stories about real situations that real people are going through, or have gone through.

Pastor Mark lovingly and accurately explains how the gospel addresses each of these concerns, and then some. Many Christians act like (if not outright believe) that the gospel is something that culminates in our saying the “sinner’s prayer” and then holding on for dear life until Jesus comes back. In this book, Pastor Mark shows how this is not the case, at a very practical and deeply spiritual level.

Death by Love is an absolute must read for all Christians. If you’re someone fighting through your own struggles, this book can help you by pointing you back to the totality of the gospel. If you’re someone whose life is going well right now, this book can help you prepare for when life gets rough, and help you to better point those who are struggling toward the hope they have in the gospel, both in this life and the next.

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