Women of Faith: Part 1

Well, my life isn’t awkward enough, so I decided to apply through BookSneeze to get the chance to blog a review about the Women of Faith conference coming to Dallas. Ironically enough, I was selected. (Ok, you can stop laughing now, there will be other guys there…I checked.) Their theme for this year is how God and His love is “Over the Top”.

Ok, so it might be just me, or because I’m a guy, but the phrase “Over the Top” seems a little cheesy…and reminds me of a really bad Sylvester Stallone movie. That aside though, I don’t think this is something that we think about enough. I’ll expound more on this in the next blog in Ephesians series, but Paul tells us that God made us alive with Christ “…because of the great love with which he loved us…” Think about that. God breathed life into us through the work of the cross because He loved us. That type of love is immeasurable, and is worth contemplating AND feeling daily.

For those interested in attending the event, here’s the promo video:

You can register for the Dallas conference here, and view the other locations here.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve never been to a women’s conference before, but my experience with other conferences has shown me that I tend to get more out of it if I go in looking for something…ok, poor choice of words, listening for something specific.

The main things I’ll be listening for:

  • How does God display His love toward us through daily life circumstances?
  • How does God display His love toward us through tragic events in our lives?
  • How can we, as men, best exemplify this “over the top” love that God has for us toward our sisters in Christ, particularly our spouses (even though I’m single…), as Ephesians 5:25 commands us?

The Dallas conference is August 26-27, so you’ll be seeing my blog about the conference shortly after that.

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