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Mason King, a good friend of mine, and one of the pastors at The Village Church, posted a very thought-provoking, soul-stirring blog today that I felt I should share with you.

What Does It Mean?

There are seasons where I am moving slow enough that I can hear the questions repeating in my head. It comes from the inner monologue that usually directs or reacts to what goes in my day- the one that I also pray is being changed by the power of the Spirit.

Over the past two weeks when walking between rooms, meetings, or to a glass of water, I would hear a question come to the surface. It felt as if, for a moment, the typical rush that I let myself live in slowed, and I could hear the still small voice to ask, “What does it mean?”

Somewhere in the last few weeks a concept has worked its way into my mind. It slyly came in through my ears and burrowed a little hole in my brain. This is the truth that has the question rolling to the surface at a gentle boil.

When Christ died on the cross, he paid the debt of the sin of the world. God’s wrath was poured out against the sin in our hearts and the sin from our hands. Christ’s righteousness was then applied to us, and we have been forgiven before God through Christ. We know this through faith that is the gift of God to us in his grace.

That is the basis for the concept that has been turning over and over:

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