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SAME GRACE: A Response to Macklemore’s Grammy Performance of ‘Same Love’

I’ve mentioned my good friend, Mike Dsane, before. He’s a pastor, a loyal friend, and an encouraging Christian. He messaged me last week with heavy thoughts on his heart and asked if he could guest post here. In a way, his heart in this served as a catalyst for the rest of the series this week. This is a hard, challenging message on a controversial issue. And I can’t think of another message that needs to sink so deeply into the heart of Christians in America. It’s my joy and honor to have Mike writing here today, and I pray that God opens hearts to receive the message that Mike shares with us.
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The Dangers of Legalism in Parenting

Yesterday we talked a bit about becoming accidental legalists. We set the tone for the rest of the week, because this habit is so prevalent and pervasive that we can’t ignore it anymore. It’s a habit I can’t ignore anymore. This week we’re going to look at several areas in which we tend to withhold grace from the wounded and broken, and they’re going to be big illustrations because it’s a big issue.
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Gospel – Grace = Legalism

It’s been over a month since the Advent season ended, yet I’m drawn back to the words declared by the angel to the shepherds in Luke 2. The angels appeared to a group of shepherds to announce the birth of a king. The birth of the King. The most important and most powerful King of all kings was heralded to a bunch of blue collar workers who slept on the ground while protecting and caring for animals. The words the angel spoke were simple but powerful.
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