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With Tears

If you’ve read the blog this past week, then you know that God has really pressed on me to make the gospel, Christ crucified, the center of the words that fill this space. Pressing me to think more and call attention to how we portray Jesus in blogging and in life. This is along the same vein, but really includes Christ followers outside of the blogging world as well.
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Christ, and Him Crucified

The Internet offers much toward the advancement of the gospel. We all know this. It gives ministries like The Village, The Resurgence, Desiring God, and Mars Hill the ability to stream gospel-centered content to people, to nations who wouldn’t have been able to be exposed to such solid teaching otherwise. It gives bloggers like Lore Ferguson, Amber and Seth Haines, Tim Challies, Russell Moore, and collectives like The Gospel Coalition, Deeper Story, Deeper Church, and ProjectTGM the ability to analyze culture and pour truth-filled words onto a page to help the lost come to know the freedom and grace of Christ Jesus. This is a good thing. But there is also something we have to be careful of.
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