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Christ, and Him Crucified

The Internet offers much toward the advancement of the gospel. We all know this. It gives ministries like The Village, The Resurgence, Desiring God, and Mars Hill the ability to stream gospel-centered content to people, to nations who wouldn’t have been able to be exposed to such solid teaching otherwise. It gives bloggers like Lore Ferguson, Amber and Seth Haines, Tim Challies, Russell Moore, and collectives like The Gospel Coalition, Deeper Story, Deeper Church, and ProjectTGM the ability to analyze culture and pour truth-filled words onto a page to help the lost come to know the freedom and grace of Christ Jesus. This is a good thing. But there is also something we have to be careful of.
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When Words Cease to Flow…

Writing seems to come easily for me. Normally, anyway. But there are times when words cease to flow. I feel so lazy when I don’t write, because I know the content of my writing stems from deep thought about topics that I feel really matter. Faith, Theology, Christianity, the Gospel. My writing flows from contemplating these things. Yet, there are times when I have nothing to say. Nothing pressing on my mind. No feeling of “If I don’t write this, my heart is going to burst!” This scares me, to a degree, because it reminds me that I probably haven’t been reading and thinking deeply enough to cause such an overflow of words poured out onto a page.
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