Questioning Your Salvation?: Rest in the Cross

I came across this video on The Gospel Coalition blog today, and it fits well with where we are in the “Questioning Your Salvation?” series. We’ve already talked about how many Christians believe they are saved simple because they said a prayer, which I believe to be the case because of a misunderstanding of our sin nature. Then we discussed the real, Biblical effects of sin.

As we transition into talking about the Works of God in our salvation as the source for the confidence we have concerning our salvation, I feel this video helps recap some of those issues, possibly framed a bit better, and serves to lead us into the next post in the series.

I’ve definitely seen the effects of relying on a particular personal experience to define salvation and attempt to gain security in that. Such an attempt is a dismal failure. I’m grateful for J.D.’s authenticity in recounting his own battle with that concept, and for pointing out the necessity of rooting our salvation firmly in the works of God.

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