Fight Differently

A few weeks ago a pastor friend of mine sent me a text asking me to pray for him because he was about to have a tough conversation. Of course, I did. I prayed for wisdom, clarity, courage, and understanding for him, and receptiveness for the person he was talking with. Later on, I found out who he was talking with: two of my really close friends, whom I love like family. Once I found out, I felt like a jerk, thinking to myself “Wow, if I’d known it was them, I’d have prayed harder.”

He was very gracious to me, and pointed out that we really don’t know what the phrase “pray harder” means. He pointed out that I prayed what I felt led to pray, for the length of time I felt appropriate, and both of those are subject to the Spirit’s leading. I’m very grateful for this, because in a sense he’s absolutely right. Yet, something has been troubling me over the past couple of weeks: you fight differently when you fight for someone you love.

Pastor Mark Driscoll does an excellent job of explaining this concept:

What troubles me is that while it’s true that we fight differently for those we love, as a disciple of Jesus, my love for them isn’t the basis for which I should be driven to fight. Christ’s love is that basis. So, I should feel pressed to fight for everyone I know to the same degree because I should be looking at them through the lens of Christ’s love, not my own. Yet, somehow I fail to live this out consistently.

I don’t have any compelling closing remarks (if I ever do), or any thought provoking questions. Just a confession, and a challenge to fight for those around you because Christ loves them, and because you fight not only for them, but as an ambassador of your King.

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