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Being Human is Being in Community

I loved this video by Jefferson Bethke. I thought it would make for some good weekend food for thought, and serve to challenge us to take steps to pursue community this weekend.

HT Justin Taylor

Words from Broken Places

Shattered heart, broken dreams
Coming apart at the seams.
I feel the weight, those heavy beams
Does God not hear my screams?

I thought us friends
How could it come to such an end?
This love, why must He rend?
Why must tears and blood-soaked anguish blend?

The pain of it all
The curse of the Fall.

For the weak and unworthy Christ did come
To know my pain, and bear my shame
That I may call upon His name
In this shared death, we are one.

In His death, I am loved

All Good Things

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, or even read anything for that matter. I was really committed to posting daily, and did so for about a month or more. Then I felt the weight of that commitment. I felt the work behind it get to me. Not just the work to sit down and write after already spending eight hours at my real job, though that was definitely part of it. I felt myself reaching for words where it seemed like there were none, just so I could write every day, instead of really seeking and searching out what/if I should write. And more than that, I felt the weight of reality. I tangibly felt the pressure of preaching a much better gospel than I was capable of living.
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