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Gifts, Opportunities, and Mixed Feelings

So, here we are again. Another Valentine’s Day. The one day other than New Year’s when no one wants to be single. And, here I am, single…and ironically, this time by choice. This year is kind of different than the past few years because for the past five years or so I’ve listened to my iPod exclusively when I’m in the car. No radio. No static. No commercials. Well, as a combination of luck and God’s sovereignty would have it, my old car became a paper weight and I had to get a new one. And I haven’t been able to get adapters and such to be able to play my iPod yet. So, I feel like I’m stuck in the 90’s again listening to FM radio. Static, commercials, and all the frustrations that come with both. This entire week I’ve been reminded…ok, bombarded by Valentine’s Day commercials, blatantly driving listeners to new heights of consumerism. So, this year, I’ve felt the tension of being single all week.
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