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John Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

If you’ve followed the blog for very long, you know that I love John Piper. He has a way of communicating some of the hardest truths with intellect and passion. His desire to see God glorified in the nations is simply astounding. I’ve had many people ask “What’s the problem with the prosperity gospel? As long as Jesus is preached and people are converted, it should be ok, right?” At times it seems like a hard question to wrestle with because “God can use anything” to save someone…so isn’t something better than nothing? No, not really.

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Gospel Polemics: Part 1

In light of my recent post on dealing with controversy, I thought this article from Tim Keller was worth sharing.

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Dealing With Controversy

Controversy is nothing new to Christianity. The Kingdom of God exploded on earth in the midst of a world of controversy. There was controversy between the Jews about whether to try to rebel and overthrow Rome, and fight for their freedom. There was more internal controversy between the Jewish religious leaders about whether there would be a resurrection. Then Jesus enters the picture, and it gets even more controversial.

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