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Fearing a God Who is Love

A contradiction, it seems. That we both confess that “God is love” (1Jn. 4:8) and that we are to “fear God and keep His commandments” (Ecc. 12:13). A seeming contradiction that puzzles even those who have embraced Christ as Savior for many years, and a contradiction I feel that I am incapable of resolving fully. But the joy of embracing all that is God is worth the attempt, and so I set out on a journey far too difficult to complete on my own, and I pray that His Spirit would guide me as I think and write.
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Dying In The Middle

One of the most challenging concepts of life in general, Christianity as a whole, and Reformed Theology in particular, is understanding, embracing, and enjoying the fact that life isn’t about us. Or, at least not completely about us. We’re born into this world not functionally aware that the cosmos has existed for thousands of years before us, and many of us never grow out of that phase. Sure, we may acknowledge that life isn’t about “me” necessarily, but it’s certainly about “us” as a whole. And even as the core of the gospel screams “No, it’s not!” we hustle about desperately holding on to our childhood sense of supreme importance, trying to remain “blissfully” ignorant of the deeper story, of which we only play a small role. It’s hard to communicate this truth in ways that are compelling, loving, and accurate. Which is why I am absolutely astonished and grateful for three new bloggers…ok, writers I’ve come across recently who have captured this truth so eloquently. They may or may not be Reformed, but their work of communicating this message is pure gold.
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life: unmasked — Contemplating Biblical Manhood

Life: UnmaskedLast week, I tried something new, and shared a post about life: unmasked, a blog meme started by Joy, a new writer I’ve come across recently. I liked it, so I’m in for round two.
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Sharing the Wealth

In my seemingly never-ending quest for new (and good!) blogs to read, I came across some posts lately that I thought were really good, and felt like I should share them with you.
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life: unmasked — Giving Grace

Life: UnmaskedToday, I’m trying something new, and am going to share a post about life: unmasked, a blog meme started by Joy, a new writer I’ve come across recently.

When I’m not busy at work, and I can’t find more work to do, I fill that time with blogs. I find that most of what I choose to read preaches the gospel clearly, giving me strength to keep pressing on at work when it gets hectic, and gives me the ability to continue to extend grace to people by bringing to the forefront of my mind the grace I have been extended in salvation. But, today I read something that really made me question what “giving grace” is really all about.
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