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On Home Groups (or more on Bread and Wine)

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I began the home group leader qualification process at The Village. This process includes a beast of an application followed by an interview with one of the groups pastors followed by whatever else they think is necessary. I started thinking about home group philosophy a couple weeks ago when I had a conversation with my friend Mike, but I realized I was thinking organizationally and not organically. I was thinking about how to help The Village push down our core values into home groups, but not necessarily thinking about how I would love the men in my group well. They are definitely related, and maybe inextricably connected, but the former really won’t happen without the latter. Interestingly enough, as I read Bread and Wine a few of Shauna Niequist’s words helped to inform how I should pursue the organic piece of home groups.
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On Bread and Wine

So, I normally read really good writers. John Piper, Russell Moore, C.S. Lewis. As such, I’m always a little wary about reading new authors, and sometimes even different genres. Mainly because these authors captivate me. Whether it be Piper’s solid Theology, Lewis’s brilliant prose, or Moore’s seeming merging of the two. When I read these guys, I don’t want to put the book down.
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