Rest. Faith. Sabbath.

So, I was ridiculously quiet last week. I only ran two posts and was barely on social media. This week may be about the same. It’s been a good couple months of going hard at it, working and reading and writing. But not much room for Sabbath.

Yes, I know that we live under grace and the days of literally doing nothing all day on Saturday or Sunday are long gone. And reading and writing isn’t the same type of work that I do during the week, but as much as both of those things fill me up and encourage me, it’s still kind of draining sometimes.

I’m a software developer, so my brain pretty much stays running at about 85% capacity all day. I make sure to leave some room there so that I remember to do things like eat lunch and, well, actually leave the office. So, when I get home I’m pretty exhausted, and as much as I love reading and writing and being intentional in growing in the Lord and pursuing sanctification, that’s still work and we’d all do well to remember that. The point of Sabbath isn’t just to rest and recover from the previous week’s insanity; it’s also a practice of faith by trusting God that He’s got this, even if that means kicking back and watching Doctor Who and really resting instead of just doing a different type of work, even if it is very good work.

In our fast-paced church culture, maybe we need to remind ourselves that as much as we need to pursue our sanctification, He holds us in His hands and won’t let go. It’s ok to rest, and really rest. We need to take seriously our walk with God, and maybe part of that is trusting Him enough to look out for us when we just need to catch our breath and not think so hard.


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