Five Blogs You Have To Read…Now!

Paul Tripp writes about how to properly view waiting periods in our lives:

In ministry there are often moments when you are propelled by a biblical vision but called by God to wait. Waiting can be discouraging and hard. So what does it look like to wait in a way that makes you a participant in what God is doing rather than someone who struggles against the wait? Let me suggest several things.

Russell Moore discusses the need for Christians to focus on both personal righteousness AND social justice:

Some evangelicals talk as though personal evangelism and public justice are contradictory concerns, or, at least, that one is part of the mission of the church and the other isn’t. I think otherwise, and I think the issue is one of the most important facing the church these days.

Lindsay Tully explains the need for true Gospel Community instead of a behavior modification program:

It is dangerous and tempting to change behavior without also changing heart and mind. Behavior modification has to do with “religion,” not with Christianity, and it leads to judgmentalism. Confession and repentance will not happen in a judgmental community. Gospel community calls people out of their bondage, out of their lies, and out of their mess, but gospel community members are willing to walk with their brothers and sisters through their exodus rather than simply being cheerleaders across the Jordan, hoping they make it to the promised land.

Tullian Tchividjian writes about how the Law crushes self-righteousness, and makes us cry out for mercy:

I know that illustrations always break down at some level but I still think the following one makes a good (albeit, not perfect) point. At the very least, it’s kind of funny in a corny way!

A friend of mine recently told a silly story about a man standing at the gates of heaven waiting to be admitted. To the man’s utter shock, Peter said, “You have to have earned a thousands points to be admitted to heaven. What have you done to earn your points?”

One of my good friends, Alex, runs a blog talking about handling finances from a practical, Christian perspective:

For the last month or so, Alex has been running a series about his money story, where and how he learned to spend respon­si­bly. Reading those posts has led me to think about my own money story, which has a lot to do with the way my parents spend their money (money see, money do, if you will).

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