A Holy Interruption

Sarah Bessey, a writer I’ve come across recently, shared this on Monday. It’s been pressing on my heart since then, so I thought I would share it here.

From Common Prayer:

It’s fitting that the courts are weighing marriage equality this week, Holy Week. The week where, more than normal, our eyes should be fixed on the cross, the compelling reminder of the darkness in this world. And the brilliant reminder of the grace of God in the redemption of sinners. The Hope fulfilled on Easter in the resurrection. The reminder that no matter how much the darkness pervades our culture, that we have Hope.

May we be the reflection of Light to the world. May we be the salt of the Earth, preserving that which is good and right and Godly. May we realize that we aren’t perfect, and give grace to other imperfect people.

May we be that Holy Interruption.

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