Beauty and the Beast and Gospel Redemption

My wife and I were afforded a date night this weekend and went to see Beauty and the Beast. I thought this was just a chance for me to go see a movie with her that she would like that didn’t involve something blowing up, but God had something different in mind. Despite this being a fairy tale, and a musical at that, when I would normally kind of check out and let my eyes glaze over a bit, God pulled me into the story. God pulled me into his story.

The first scene shows us a kingdom at the height of luxury become subjected to futility because of the pride and selfishness of its master. A prince condemned to look like the beast inside. Horns like the devil. Creation aching to be what it once was. Looking for a love that would save them. Longing for redemption.

The clock ticks as the petals fall. Can someone so beautiful love something so hideous? Hope wanes as the kingdom crumbles around them.

The real animal shouted “kill him!” while the beast showed mercy. The beast killed by a selfish coward – a boy who can shave who thought himself a man. Futility takes its final toll as the last petal falls. Hope is lost.

Yet, love has come. Where the curse abounded, grace abounded all the more. The prince was healed; brought back from the jaws of death to become a king. Light shone from the kingdom again as all that was sad became untrue. Former enemies came into the kingdom to celebrate its now king and his love.

Redemption has come.

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