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Overview of Islam

In order to help prepare those attending today’s Saturday Seminar on Understanding and Engaging Islam, our discipleship resource pastor, Geoff Ashley, put together a series of posts on the Merely Theological blog that I thought were worth sharing.

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God Of Victory

Since I was 14 music has played a key role in my life. I never really made it into the musician world due to lack of rhythm and/or coordination, but I have always loved how music can make or break a movie, set an atmosphere, make rush hour traffic almost tolerable, and even set the mood for a church service. This can be done through instrumental pieces alone, or by compelling lyrics to drive home the message the pastor delivered. One of the things that I love about being a member of The Village Church is their commitment to not only have excellent musicians, but deep theology in the lyrics of the songs they choose when leading us in worship. Which is why I am elated about the release of their new worship album, God Of Victory.

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Countering Claims of Contradiction

Hey guys, there have been several blogs go up in response to Sam Harris’s recent graphic concerning “contradictions” in Scripture. Continue reading