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A Christmas Blog

When we think of Christmas, we may think of baby Jesus lying in a manger, surrounded by shepherds coming to see the baby the angels told them about. We may also think of the three wise men showing up a few years later, or we may even think of the nativity scenes that so often incorrectly include the wise men at the manger. Many of us may be so overwhelmed with the busyness of the holiday season that we don’t have time to think about why we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to buy that last present on Christmas Eve, or simply trying to come up with new places to hide the presents we’ve bought so that the future detectives (a.k.a. nosy kids) running around don’t find the unwrapped presents and ruin the surprise. Then we have the younger ones, to whom, for the most part, Christmas is about one thing: getting presents. Continue reading