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Soaking and Bathing

It’s been a while since I’ve spent time in this space. Part of the reason for this is adjusting to the changes that come with marriage. The changes of available time to read, study, and write. The changes of not really knowing what to write about, or what I should or shouldn’t write about when I wanted to write about marriage and its ups and downs. The changes in the state of my heart that led me to want to spend more time relaxing with my wife than doing the hard work of soul-searching, sin killing, and pursuing my own sanctification. The changes in not needing to lean on God the same way, but still blind to see how I needed to lean on Him differently.
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Cultivating Selflessness

Life as a single is, well, busy. It seems to be a never-ending flow of work, study, friends, trying to stay active in some form or fashion, church, God’s good gift of sleep, and the occasional blessing of a nap.

In all honesty, I love this part of it. Being able to up and go whenever I want or need is amazing.

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Sex and Love : I Don’t Think They Mean What You Think They Mean

The other day I heard a saying that I’ve never really quite understood. I mean, I get why secular psychology would use this saying, but I heard it at a church service. I can’t really remember the context, I know it was said in passing, but right when I heard it the “always look out for blog ideas” part of my brain went off and I set a calendar event to remind myself to write about this saying. What is this saying?
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Redefining Marriage and Treating One Another Well

A couple days ago, I wrote about our need to control our anger when we discuss the issue of redefining marriage. I was planning on writing this post anyway, but I couldn’t get to it the day after that post. Then today I find out that one of my friends whose goal is to see Christ magnified and to pursue goodness and equality toward everyone got a bunch of hate mail and mean, graceless rebuttal posts in response to a blog she wrote. I’m convinced now, more than ever, that we need to do a much better job of being Christlike toward one another.
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Redefining Marriage and Being Angry

Overall, this past week has been a good week. Meditating on Holy Week has been good for me. Writing about it has probably been better. I was able to write for Single Roots yesterday. My home group leaders decided that we’d go through 1 Peter beginning next week, which is good because I need to get out of Pauline Theology for a while. I was praying about what to write today, or whether I should write anything, and I kept coming back to Ephesians as I’ve been studying that for ages (mainly due to procrastination). In reading Ephesians 4:17-5:21, my heart kept coming back to the redefining marriage issue.

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