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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

…for tomorrow we die. What was in part originally Solomon’s statement to point out the utter vanity he saw in some aspects of life has changed (Eccl. 8:15). It’s the “for tomorrow we die” part that changes everything. It changes this statement of an understanding of vanity into one pressing us to embrace hedonism. To live and do as we want for “tomorrow we die.” I have heard and read this concerning soldiers of old, when their leader tells them to “Eat, drink, and be merry” because tomorrow battle comes and they will most likely die. It doesn’t matter what they do tonight, for tomorrow they won’t be here. One could even imagine King Leonidas leading the Spartans at Thermopylae and saying this before the first wave of attack comes. We don’t really say that anymore, at least not commonly, but we say something much more devious. We say something that doesn’t make us feel the weight of our words, while promoting the same concept. It boils down to four letters: Y.O.L.O.
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A Day of Remembrance

It’s July 4th, a day of remembrance and celebration. When I was a child, July 4th meant three things for me: 1) eating hamburgers and drinking a lot of soda, 2) spending the day in the middle of nowhere lighting firecrackers, and 3) the chance to once again scare my brothers with said firecrackers. And as an added fourth thing, getting in trouble for scaring my brothers. This year, though, Independence Day seems to also be about something else: sarcasm.
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