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SAME GRACE: A Response to Macklemore’s Grammy Performance of ‘Same Love’

I’ve mentioned my good friend, Mike Dsane, before. He’s a pastor, a loyal friend, and an encouraging Christian. He messaged me last week with heavy thoughts on his heart and asked if he could guest post here. In a way, his heart in this served as a catalyst for the rest of the series this week. This is a hard, challenging message on a controversial issue. And I can’t think of another message that needs to sink so deeply into the heart of Christians in America. It’s my joy and honor to have Mike writing here today, and I pray that God opens hearts to receive the message that Mike shares with us.
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Homosexuality, Gag Reflexes, and a Better Way

Yesterday was another sad day in the blogosphere and on Twitter. I see the Church pleading with herself from all sides to be more Christlike, when it seems we all have different definitions of what that really means. Whether it comes to gender roles or the redefining marriage debate, I’m half tempted to think that having blogs so readily available, giving anyone a voice, may cause more harm than good. And I know I’d shut myself down with that statement, too. The problem is we’ve lost all sense of context, and it’s damaging Christ’s Bride and the lost, the very people we should be trying to reach.
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Christ is King

I spent part of my work day multi-tasking between working and listening to Tim Keller speak at The Gospel Coalition conference. During his message today, he mentioned that Americans have completely forgotten what it’s like to have a king. Now, when it comes to a man-to-man relationship that’s probably a good thing. When it comes to a Jesus-to-man relationship, it’s a tragedy.
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“Gays Are Nazis”: A Response From Bryan Fischer – part 2

If you haven’t read my last post, please do so before reading this.

My Reply To Fischer’s Response:
Mr. Fischer, thank you for taking the time to respond to explain and elaborate on your initial statement.

As a follower of Christ, I share the same concerns that you do. I don’t want to be shut up in the four walls of the church. Have you considered that they are being so oppressive and intolerant in response to the oppressiveness and intolerance they feel coming from conservatives?

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“Gays Are Nazis”: A Response From Bryan Fischer

Last week, I posted a blog addressing a protest to Governor Perry’s prayer rally. In this post, I expressed my feelings regarding Bryan Fischer’s comment “Gays are Nazis”. I was so crushed by this, because I feel that many people will take this to be the stance of most Christians, that I felt it necessary to write the AFA about Fischer’s comment. The conversation is below (sorry for the incredible length).

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