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life: unmasked – Daily Bread

Life: UnmaskedSeveral years ago, I started being more authentic on the blog, and started sharing about life: unmasked, in which I share some of my struggles, questions, and failures. I may link up with other bloggers or I’ll just do it on my own. Either way, I feel it’s important to live and write unmasked
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Pursuing Joy

The past couple of years have been amazing for me. I got engaged, married Angela, and we had our son, Calvin, who my mom affectionately calls our “joy boy” and that couldn’t be a more apt description of Calvin, even though I still call him my Little Ninja. He’s the best baby in the world 98% of the time, and you don’t want to get me started on the other 2%. He lights up every room he’s in, and the little man doesn’t know a stranger.
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