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Together For God’s Glory

Recently, Crossway shared a series of blog posts that I found particularly inspiring, encouraging, challenging, and convicting. These posts are an adaptation of Tim Savage’s No Ordinary Marriage: Together for God’s Glory, and it’s my joy to share them with you. After reading these posts, this book is definitely on my reading list.
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The Explicit Gospel

First, I must confess that I’m really late in writing this review. Partly because of technical difficulties (hard to write when your laptop crashes). Mostly, though, because I noticed that it was no accident that I began reading this book during a season when I felt disconnected and dry, and I did not want to rush through the book for the sake of writing a review on time when I felt God working in me to break up hard ground and stir my affections for Him once again. I am incredibly grateful to Crossway for providing me an advanced copy of The Explicit Gospel, and for their grace and patience in waiting for me to complete the review.
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Help Crossway Books

Crossway Books has been instrumental in creating, translating, and delivering ESV Bibles and resources to Christians who need them most, especially in China, India, and multiple countries in Africa. Crossway has an opportunity to receive a matching grant IF they can raise $270,000 by May 31st.

I don’t ordinarily post announcements like this, but this one is missions driven and all about the gospel going forth to places where it is desperately needed. You can read more about it and make your donation here.

After you’ve made your donation, help spread the word by posting the link on Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing The Wealth 11-27-2011

These blogs have been very impactful for me this week. It is my joy to share them with you, and I pray that God moves in you as He did in me when I first read them.
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Bloodlines: The Full Video

A couple weeks ago, I posted an announcement about John Piper’s latest book, Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian. I haven’t even read it yet, and I am already very grateful for this book.
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