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Of Liking And Loving…

…the church.

Natalie Trust got me thinking the other day when she said that she doesn’t really know what people mean when they say “I like my church.” I was having a good day, so I responded with friendly sarcasm. But she makes a valid point. All this got me thinking about why we like churches, and why that isn’t enough.

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When Christianity is Frustrating

I love God. I love the Church. I love the gospel. I love truth and talking and debating about truth with my friends. And I believe that absolute, objective truth exists, regardless of whether we’re able to understand it all the time. Truth is truth, and there isn’t a relative version of truth. A claim or belief is either true, or it isn’t. There are certainly matters that Scripture leaves to the conscience of the believer, and that is the objective truth for those issues. Yet, the more I’m involved with blogging and with social media the more I see how discussing these concepts is done poorly. I can’t judge the hearts of men, yet sometimes Christians can come across as the most graceless of people.
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When News Grows Old

It happens all the time. We hear something on the news that is shocking. Then we hear it again. And again. Three weeks later the same event that initially shocked us makes us roll our eyes and say “This, again?” Whether it be the Gosnell murders or news of the 336 million abortions in China since 1971, eventually it all fades. It becomes normalized, though it shouldn’t. We become inoculated and desensitized, though we shouldn’t. As tragic as this is, I fear that something worse happens when we lose sight of the awe and wonder of the gospel. When we lose sight of Good News.
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They Are Not The Enemy

There is something dark covering this land. Something treacherous plaguing this country. But it isn’t what you think. It’s not relativism or feminism or even homosexuality. It’s not people questioning Biblical truth. It’s not even people questioning Christianity. It’s this “culture war” facade of Christianity that we’ve allowed to develop, that we’ve perpetuated, that makes a category for “us” and a category for “them.”
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Wrong Thinking Behind Wrong Living

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to start reading Future Grace by John Piper. I haven’t even made it through the introduction and I’m already being challenged and encouraged. I wanted to share part of the introduction that I found particularly insightful.
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