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On Modesty: Valuing Women and Awe-Filled Wonder

It seems that modesty has been the latest buzzword on the Internet lately. Social media has been in a whirlwind of “girls should cover up,” “guys should take responsibility,” and “that’s not what modesty means.” Men and women alike are coalescing into groups to support a conservative modesty model on one side, and on the other side to support more freedom for women to wear what they choose without being challenged on it. I don’t have answers for this, I do have thoughts that I’m not ready to share fully, but for now I have a question: Should it be this way?
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On Modesty: When My Heart Breaks

As I write this, I just finished celebrating my mom’s birthday. We went to Maggiano’s at Northpark Mall here in Dallas. We ate good food and pushed the limit with even better dessert. It was a good dinner and light-hearted conversation, but my heart kept getting drawn back to what I had just seen.
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