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Unspoken Words and Lessons Taught

Gender roles has been an apparent explosive hot button over the past three years in the blogosphere and on Twitter. And Facebook. And the gender role war has probably even gone back in time to affect MySpace and Xanga, too. Here’s the thing I don’t get though, for all of the talk about women not being pastors and not having authority over men, we seem to forget that women do teach. And they often teach men, without even realizing it. Maybe not always verbally or from a position of authority (which I think was the main point of the NT), but they do teach. They serve the Church best when they are invested in their brothers’ lives and walks with Christ, even if they aren’t articulating Theology. At least, that’s been my experience, and I want to share some of that with you here. In part to bring something more productive to the conversation than what has already been said, but also to honor these women for their courage to invest and be open with their thoughts.

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