Growing up in school, we all learned of the tragic period of American history when our country was fueled by the sweat and blood of those deemed to be less valuable that others, simply due to the color of their skin. Slavery, we call it. When one person owns someone else and forces them to do that which is against their will just so they can stay alive. These slaves were kept uneducated so they wouldn’t stand a chance if they tried to run away, if they survived the escape. These slaves were counted as subhuman, not even worth the full vote compared to their slave owners. But that’s all ancient history right? Wrong. There are still slaves today. Slaves in America, and across the world. They may not be picking cotton, but they are slaves none the less.

Unearthed exists to fund existing organizations who work to rescue and restore victims of slavery, victims of sexual exploitation. I came across this organization through The Resurgence. My heart broke as I watched this video.

Who Unearthed Supports:
Unearthed’s goal is to use media (things like the trailers on their site) to prompt people to act. Right now they’re working to get money donated to Unearthed so that they can disperse it to organizations focused on giving freedom, healing and hope to victims of sexual exploitation. Each month they will send out followup details to their donors as to where their contributions went. The organizations that they chose to begin partnering with are ones that they deeply trust and have seen results from.

Rapha House in Cambodia (soon to be in Thailand) works tirelessly to heal underage victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Funding for the next few months will go to buy land and build bungalows for one of their existing safe houses. They’ve got more girls they’re waiting to take care of but no room for them. Here is a trailer explaining their work.

Free to be Kids works every month in Kolkata, India to rescue children from brothels and slums where they’re exposed and vulnerable to abuse and trafficking. Joel Houston with Hillsong United told them about their director, Ben Geerling, and that led to this partnership. Each month, they’ll be funding a rescue operation and the monthly needs of a safe home in Kolkata.

Unearthed is also evaluating startup organizations so they can provide support for more causes and locations as they grow.

The Money Stuff:
They work to keep their monthly costs low. In total, Unearthed takes $5000 per month to run. That’s salaries, rent, insurance, equipment, marketing, etc. When donations come in, they take 20% and give away 80%. Their goal is to have the $5000 per month operating costs individually funded by churches and corporations in the next year so that we can give 100% away.

Their goal with donations this year is to have 2,500 people giving $10 per month. That’s $5000 to keep them running and $20,000 given away each month. That’s huge. Any money beyond the $25000 goal goes directly to their partner organizations. That means rescue operations, safe house expenses, micro loans, counseling, etc.

If the monthly giving model that they suggest on their website (which will be active later this week) doesn’t generate enough support to meet the needs of their partner organizations, they’ll take all of the one time gifts that they accumulate and give them to a single organization. This subsequently means that they will not take any of the donations for Unearthed’s operating expenses…in other words, the organizations come before Unearthed’s needs.

How YOU Can Help:

  • Talk to your church’s staff, missions pastor, or small group leader about sponsoring* Unearthed on a monthly basis
  • Give on a monthly basis on your own
  • Give a one time gift
  • Spread the word! Tweet this blog, re-tweet it for those who don’t pay attention the first time, share it on Facebook, email the blog link to people, etc.
  • In addition to and above all that, PRAY that these organizations who are committed to rescuing and restoring those who have been sexually exploited will get the funding they need from people like us, and the cooperation they need from any local or federal authorities they come across.

*Churches and corporations can sponsor Unearthed by emailing Tony or Rachel.

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