Unearthed: An Update

A week ago, Joy started a blog hop addressing Twelve Causes for Christmas, giving us a reason to come together during the Christmas season and do something for the less fortunate, as Jesus did for us during the first Advent. You can hear more of her heart behind this on her first post of the series. I am grateful to be able to be part of this by relaying Jacob’s story of being an unwitting part of sex-trafficking below, and Tony’s experience and focus in preventing sex-trafficking.

A while back, I shared with you a non-profit organization I had come across through The Resurgence. It’s been a two years since Unearthed first set out to begin helping victims of sex-trafficking, and they have news. Big news.

Coupled with this chilling video about one man’s experience of taking part in sex-trafficking, Unearthed’s Executive Director, Tony Anderson, offers some stunning statistics, and a bold warning.

On The Resurgence blog, Tony says that “If we rescued every victim [of sex-trafficking] today, we’d wake up to a demand for 100+ million new slaves tomorrow.” 100+ million…this isn’t just a fad or a phase, and it isn’t in isolated locations, it’s pandemic. It’s everywhere. It’s growing.

How is this tragedy fueled? Where do they get the resources? Where do they get the demand? The men. Again, Tony tells us that

“Men perpetuate the demand in sex slavery. Men in our cities, backyards, and churches can fuel the global sex trade with their “private” sexual decisions [porn], which often create massive global impact.”

Their old plan was to create a documentary on how “badly sex-trafficking sucked,” but that isn’t enough. They want to go after the heart of the issue. So, Tony tells us that “over the next year, we’re creating a film called The Hearts of Men. It’s a raw, unfiltered examination of how sin distorts sex, who’s affected, and how the Gospel changes all of it.”

With that, Tony offers a compelling warning: “Men, we’re coming after you, in love, because we know that when the gospel changes you, everything changes.”

I am grateful for Unearthed’s focus on this most tragic of realities, as well as their new focus on going after the men to see their lives changes by the gospel. I would encourage you to read Tony’s original post on The Resurgence blog.

You can read more about Unearthed on their website, as well as contribute to the cause and see how far your money goes.

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