Top Ten Theologians

Tim Kimberly of Parchment and Pen, one of the blogs that I follow, is putting together a list of the Top Ten Christian Theologians he believes to have had the most positive affect on orthodox Christianity. Through the brief introduction to Church History that I’ve been able to expose myself to, I couldn’t help but find that we (or at least I) know very little about the early church and the affect the forerunners of that day had on how we think about and believe in God today.

I would encourage each of you to begin following this series as I’m sure it will provide much information and insight into how our doctrine was formed, and how that practically played out in the lives of these theologians.

A quick excerpt:

Aim of this Series

This post kicks off a new series on the blog. The title is fairly self evident. My aim is to introduce people to the Top Ten Theologians of the Church. Yes, I will rank them in order. I will start with #10 and work my way down to the #1 person I believe to be the greatest theologian from the history of the church. My aim is wrought with danger. I am foolish to attempt ranking the ten greatest theologians. I will leave out some people you think should be in the top ten. I will have some people lower in the list than you might think. I will proceed nonetheless because these people need to be known by the Bride of Christ.

Interested? Read more of the introduction post detailing what Tim will be writing.

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