Thoughts Put to Life: Jesus Frees Us From Us

One of the things I love about being part of The Village Church is it seems that I am constantly surrounded by brilliant, compassionate, Christ-exalting people. Whether that be people I see at church, friends who go to a different campus but still challenge and encourage me over Facebook, Twitter, Email, and blogs. One of my friends, Rebekah, wrote a very brilliant, very honest post that I wanted to share here.

I had a friend of mine tell me (with love) this week, “You’re self-centered.”

It was one of those moments where I didn’t really know what to say or do, so in my awkward nature, I sheepishly laughed, trying to take it in. After about 10 seconds, I knew he was entirely right. And I hate that.

If we’re honest, we’ve all had a moment like this, or will have one soon. Read the rest of Rebekah’s fantastic blog at Thoughts Put to Life.

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