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Questioning Your Salvation?: Addressing the Misconceptions

In addressing these misconceptions as part of the Questioning Your Salvation series, I feel that I must first say that I do not think, in any way, that these misconceptions came about due to malice toward the church or God, or that there was any other negative intent when these ideas were formed and communicated. Rather, I believe that they are the result of men and women who loved God, loved Scripture, and wanted to see people come to know Christ. However, I do still believe that whatever the original intent, or original school of thought, these misconceptions are contrary to the whole of Scripture, and need to be addressed to enable Christians to have a more complete view of Scripture, and of God’s love, righteousness, grace, and mercy.

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Questioning Your Salvation?: An Introduction

Growing up in church, I’ve known about God since I was 5, if not younger. I was exposed to what people called Christian “music” at a very early age (thankfully, I’ve recovered from that experience, and now listen to good music). I remember saying “the sinner’s prayer” at some point during my childhood…and then again when I was a teenager (several times, usually at youth camp), and then again when I was in college. I never really stopped to ask myself why this was the case, until the other day I realized that I can’t be the only one who has either gone through this, or is going through it now.

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