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Elections, Nationalism, and the Glory of God

For months now, we’ve all heard of the absolute importance of electing Romney as President. More importantly, we’ve heard of the necessity of electing Obama out of office. Now, I understand the reasons why people think this is important, and I agree with some of them. It’s generally a bad idea to condone abortion. And we shouldn’t be as accepting of same-sex relationships as we tend to be. I fall in line with these beliefs not because they are based in conservative moralism or nationalistic pride, but because these truths are based in Scripture.
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Silence The Fools

Since the day President Obama was elected, I have heard nothing good about him or his administration. Apparently he’s directly responsible for the continued war effort in the middle east, the oil rig explosion, and gas prices going up when someone in the middle east blows someone up, blows themselves up, or happens to sneeze on a rainy day with the wind blowing in the right direction. Continue reading